movement analysis and visualization
for wild animal research

Firetail running on a Laptop
Firetail running on a Laptop

fast overview

Load all your tag’s sensor data, location, and acceleration. Get a complete picture of your project!

“I can’t say enough about your product! It’s made life much easier for us to monitor our birds”

Nick Gulotta
University of Georgia, USA
Wild Turkey Lab

efficient workflows

Be amazed by FIretail’s range of use cases for annotation, visuals, and reporting tasks. Fast and reliable.

“I’m impressed at how fast Firetail is,
well done!​”

in-depth analysis

Complex analysis benefits from Firetail’s interactive views, statistics and data embeddings.

“a whole new level of behavioral research […] The scientist gets up close to the studied animal again”

Dr. Jörg Melzheimer
Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Berlin


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project monitoring

data analysis

all sensors

complete context

One powerful application for your challenges


  • supervise long time ranges
  • activity reports and range analysis
  • perturbation of behavior


  • speed up routine tasks
  • quickly identify crucial patterns
  • create gold standards


  • data evaluation on-site
  • identify drop-off regions
  • identify suspicious trajectories

Data Services


secure storage and provision

tailored analysis pipelines

high-quality solutions


great showcases - no code

immerse yourself in your data from the very first second and access a wide range of analysis tools and visualizations

all project phases

first steps to massive multi-year observations, with Firetail® you have the tools ready

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Get started with Firetail today! Interactively process high-density data for multi-animal, multi-year projects!

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movement analysis and visualization for wild animal research