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With Firetail you are using the swiss army knife for animal tracking data and analysis. Its feature set covers problem settings in movement ecology, conservation, and research.

Comfortable views for all tag sensor data enable the rapid identification of crucial patterns and areas.

Quickly and easily, even for complex datasets.

We are passionate about animal-centered data, great software and about your challenges!

Our support is direct and immediate, for experts, by experts.


convenient and fast access to project-critical data

Firetail handles all available sensor data, via its Movebank interface or directly from your tags. No additional configuration required.

Firetail brings you closer to your animals, in both lab and field applications. Immediately.

identify anomalies, patterns, behavior

Firetail requires no programming or complex setup.

Interactively browse tracking data and get a perfect overview.

Quickly distinguish between anomalies and behavior patterns and speed up annotation of acceleration and GPS data with Firetail’s assistive technology FireSOM.

speed up routine jobs

Attach feeds, download change sets and inspect the most recent data when it becomes available.

Speed up your daily tasks and rely on Firetail’s growing set of tools helping you to meet your reporting requirements and impress by showcasing great project visuals.

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movement analysis and visualization for wild animal research