We’re happy to announce that Firetail 11.1 is now ready for download!


New possiblities to connect to downstream tools

With Firetail 11.1 you can quickly select what matters most. In practice, you may have to apply specific algorithms in R or process your selection
in another downstream framework or want explore it in Google Earth.

With Firetail 11.1 this is now just a click away: export selected regions (time brackets) for all checked tags, individuals or deployments to a clean CSV or KML format.

Activity data support

Some vendors (like Vectronic) summarize acceleration data to activity levels. Firetail 11.1 can now show these sensors in it’s burst viewport!

Segmentation and behavior from Activity and Gyro data

Firetail‘s burst segmentation algorithm FireSOM now works with Activity and Gyro data. A great way to estimate behavior, when high-res acceleration is not available.

New data formats

The Ornitela data format was completely revised. It now includes millisecond information for burst sensor data and new headers.
We adapted Firetail 11.1 to handle the new style format, and now also support Magnetometer visuals for Ornitela.

Improved QuickFacts and Reporting

You can now save every report element as a png by a simple right click.

Statistics (Z-score deviations from previous speed distributions) are now colored for easier identification of extreme values. Further, we tweaked the compactness of the QuickFacts window. Great for laptop screens.


Download here