🎄 Firetail 11.1.4 release

Our latest release features some small, yet useful improvements.

We extended the range of supported file formats for Vectronic Position files and improved the detection of Argos file types.

Firetail now features initial support for OpenCollar logfiles in json formats. Downloaded logfiles can be opened using “Open CSV”. Currently, Firetail supports port 2 and port 4 messages.


🎄 Prediction of behavioral states in wild King vultures

For the current e-obs newsletter, Chris Beirne (Tropical movement lab) and we have joined forces and summarized our previous work on the annotation of King vultures in Costa Rica. See into the complete newsletter here.


🎄 Smithsonian Movement of Life – Data Viz Event

We participated in an event of The Smithsonian Movement of Life on data visualisation for their quarterly meeting – open to the public for the first time and hosted by WildLabs.
It was a great selection of talks, and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute!

Hands up for this wonderful event. Slides and session recordings should be available soon, we will share the link on wildlabs/X/LinkedIn.

Thanks for an exciting year, 🎆
enjoy the holidays and stay curious!

– Your Firetail Team


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